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Our Story

  Back to Roots    

We didn't grow up experiencing village life. Infact, the closest we had ever been to a farm or village life was probably driving past on national highways. We had never questioned where our food came from or how it made it's way from the farms to a store, until the year 2012. And we've got a lot to thank our daughter for it..

A born princess, gifted with an insatiable nerve to cherish, relish and live every moment to its fullest. A foodie at heart, to whom cooking shows have been a greater fascination than the cook (mother) at home.

The world revolves around her and she rotates in merriment. Yes, god's been kind but for one limitation. A visit by not so welcome visitor at the age of 2 (diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder) restricted her intake of dairy, wheat,  and much more. And this is where our journey began.....

Initially it was all about searching for healthy alternatives however now it's a way of life.

So, here we're from being once upon a time corporate honchos to first generation farmers, passionately raising our princess and cows with the vision to make healthy alternatives accessible & affordable for all.

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