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Best Desi Cow A2 Milk, Desi Cow Ghee in Chandigarh Tricity

At Farm Monk, we are committed to providing purest Desi Cow A2 Milk and Desi Cow Ghee in Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar, Panchkula and around. Check out our product range for pure A2 Cow Milk and other derivative products like Desi Ghee, Paneer.

Why another Cow Milk Dairy? The Biggest Milk Market is India!!

Genesis of this work after a rather comfortable corporate job, is simple.

  • India has a Milk consumption 40% more than production capacity!!!!

  • Only 15% branded milk packets match FSSAI standards, loose milk fares better at 22% standardisation

  • A worrying 79% of branded or loose milk available in the market is adulterated, the latest annual report by the Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) has found.

This was enough data point for us to take upon us for a possible solution to the problem for friends and families, in some manner and form.

Milk background - Who consumes and Why?

Milk is an important source of nutrient required for growth in infants and children and for maintenance of health in adults. Milk is a perfect food, readily digested and absorbed. It is a sole natural food for infants and children. But these days it is being adulterated with harmful substances which enhance its quantity and characteristics but reduces its quality. Adulterants are mainly added to increase the shelf life of milk. 

Normally, the adulteration in food is done either for financial gain or lack of proper hygienic conditions of processing, storing, transportation and marketing. This ultimately leads to the stage that the consumer is either cheated or becomes victim of diseases. Such types of adulteration are quite common in developing countries.

So in essence, its a huge profit pool for people out there wanting to make MONEY at ANY COST. Since, its consumed more than produced, all sorts of tricks are applied.

We believe that tradition cannot answer to trends, however, it carries in it some of the most simple yet best food / health practices - one of which being eat home-made, eat fresh. Today, the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it is prepared has a direct impact on the health of our families and the environment that we depend on for future generations. Been through it, lived through it, & by god's grace having figured out our way through it -today we value it. 

Our products are pure, fresh, home-made using traditional methods, healthy with no additives, chemicals or preservatives.

We have a small Dairy at the outskirts of city, in a small village called Kurali. Why small? We don't want to create a factory for producing quantity of Milk but Focus on just purity, quality and rear cattle with utmost love & care. Exactly for this reason, we just have COWS in our dairy and no buffalo.

Well, since you have to come to this page, you must know the difference between Cow milk and Buffalo milk. For ages, ancient Indian relics have talked about Cow as Gau Mata. why?

Every thing about cow has a deep medicinal and nutritional value for human race. This is being acknowledged world wide and slowly, Indian masses are recognizing this too.

If you would look around, milk is the highest consumed product in India, highest in the WORLD. But SAD part is we have 40% MORE SUPPLY of milk then produced. How is that possible? Well, we have highest level of adulteration in the MILK as a category, simply because its the highest consumed food category on a daily basis after wheat, rice.

The TOXIC milk supply causes innumerable health issues and while we can't do much about it, we thought of doing our bit of supplying PURE, unadulterated, quality (A2 Milk) variant to just about 200 families in Tricity.

Someone has rightly said, food is freshest when it's local, that's why your The Farm Monk stays local & cooks for you only when you order, so that we remain true to tradition - Oragnic Cow Milk and Organic Cow Ghee. 

A2 Cow Milk

We have done the mix of the best of organic feed to our hand chosen breed of Gir Cows, Sahiwal Cows hygienically set up all processes, rear our own fodder for the cattle and without any mixing, exactly the way its done at villages, bring the purest A2 Cow milk / Desi Cow milk, right at your doorsteps, every single day.
At Farm Monk, we pride in PURITY, closest to ORGANIC, ZERO Tolerance on animal cruelty for increasing output, REARED with pure LOVE and thus you get the BEST you could get.

Why Choose A2 Cow Milk from The Farm Monk?

First of all, our Dairy has no Buffalos, Only cows. So! We don't want to churn out volumes out of a animal , which is not the purpose. We want to focus on just quality A2 Cow milk for its immense benefits.

A healthy buffalo can give 25 Liter in a day. In some cases upto 40 Liter.

A cow at the most , 7-8 Liter in a day.

Let’s have a look at how A2 Milk is different from A1 Milk! A2 Cow Milk is also commonly known as the Desi Cow milk, A2 Cow Milk, just Cow Milk, Gir Cow Milk, Sahiwal Cow Milk and it is produced by cows that have only A2 beta casein protein.

Let’s understand this better - Cow Milk is available in two kinds of beta-casein proteins. These proteins are identified as A1 and A2, which differ from each other by a single amino acid. Most of the dairy herds in Asia and Africa produce A2 milk. Our Indian breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Kankrej, Rathi and Hariana are best when it comes to giving us high-quality A2 milk. European cows, on the other hand, produce A1 milk.

The A2 beta-casein protein present in A2 Milk breaks down into amino acids for quick digestion, which results in improving our overall health and increases the nutritional value derived from Cows Milk.

Let’s further look at the Benefits of Consuming Organic A2 Milk. 

  • Every Glass Has 8 Grams of Protein

Protein is important for your body. Using A2 Desi Cow Milk, you can get enough protein to repair and replenish your muscles after an intense workout session. Protein serves as an important building block for your bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. In fact, your hair and nails are mostly protein.

  •  It Builds Strong Bones

The A2 Cow Milk serves as a rich source for minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus which are necessary for strong bones, teeth, good functioning of muscles, regulation of blood pressure, tissue growth and cell growth and enhancing good cholesterol (HDL) and maintain overall nourishment and well-being of the body.

  • It Has 9 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

A2 milk has many nutrients like Vitamin A, D, and B12. You can look forward to giving your body:

12% more protein

33% more Vitamin D

25% more Vitamin A

30% more Cream

15% more Calcium

The A2 Cow Milk has essential Vitamins such as Vitamin A, D and B12 which are necessary for bones and teeth, building immunity and converting food into energy. A2 milk contributes equally in building immunity, increasing metabolism and in providing Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contribute highly to mental growth too.


  • It is Free of Hormones and Antibiotics and is Made in India

The cows aren’t given any growth hormones or antibiotics to increase the output of milk. Every sip is pure and natural, and thus, safe for consumption by everyone in your family. A2 Milk is the most unadulterated and pure form of milk.  At The Farm Monk it is our endeavor to bring to your dining table pure milk from Desi Cows which have been taken utmost care of, and reared with hygienic milking methods.

Organic Desi Cow Ghee 

We have done the mix of the best of organic feed to our hand chosen breed of Gir Cows, hygienically set up all processes, rear our own fodder for the cattle and without any mixing, exactly the way its done at villages, bring the purest Cow milk, right at your doorsteps, every single day.

"With over a year or more, switched to the pure A2 Cow milk from the farm Monk. It has been extremely high quality product with consistent delivery inspite of lockdown times. We also used the A2 Cow ghee which has changed the way we savour the dal or साग.

It has never tasted this good, EVER. And paneer was so yummy, I had to scold for lowering the fat content... It was literally melting in the mouth and was so tasty. This long journey, looking back has been quite smooth, tasty and in all respect healthy. My dad is a huge fan with getting back to drinking steamy hot milk every night allowing a better sleep pattern. I wish to congratulate the team behind this consistent, high standards of quality and service delivery."
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