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Kupp - the art of storing Chaff.

A handmade creative masterpiece.

Now a days, farmers construct permanent sheds (concrete room, metal shed etc) for storing #wheat straw (turri) and chaff but the large conical mounds, called kupp, still catch our eye across lush green fields as we zoom by on the highways. With the wrap up of #harvestingseason, kupp was once a straightforward cheap way of storing the chaff and wheat straw, which was/is eventually used as cattle fodder.

After the realm for creating a Kupp is earmarked with the assistance of 'kille' (big iron nails) a circular boundary of straw and sticks is laid out. After this chaff is filled into the centre to make sure it fits tightly into the earmarked space. This process is repeated several times till a selected height is reached. The hay is then secured with the assistance of rope or metal wire.The beauty of large conical stores shows the farmer’s respect for the harvest and for the agricultural biodiversity. His love for nature, his respect for Mother Earth is reflected in his art, where he transforms a utilitarian object (a storage space) into a creative master piece.

Indeed, the old practices of farming storage were not only efficient and beautiful but also eco-friendly and safe.

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Pushpinder Sodhi
Pushpinder Sodhi
May 24, 2021

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