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Why does hot milk stick to the base of the pot?

Tired of those unexplained sticky particle at the base of the milk pot everyday? Wondering if your milkman/milkbrand is selling you adulterated milk?

When you add milk to a dry pot, it flows into microscopic imperfections in the pan bottom. As the milk heats, its proteins coagulate and stick to the pan and each other.

Tips & Tricks

Quick Water Rinse

Rinse the inside of the pan with water and leave 1 tbsp of water in it, as that would act as an anti-burning protective layer.


Try misting or creasing the pan with vegetable oil before boiling the milk. Vegetable oil prevents milk coagulation by making milk proteins less sticky.

Follow these simple tricks and save yourself from early morning woes.

Do you know any more tricks for prevent milk sticking to the base of the pot? Do share in the comments below so that others can learn, too!

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