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Home-made Ghi'o in the kitchen.

Home-made Ghi'o has been an integral part of every Indian kitchen since times immemorial.

Cooking/topping up our dal, kichadi or chapatti with that liberal layer of pure home-made ghi'o has indeed been like a ritual well before the advent of refined cooking oils. However, studies have shown that the very idea of replacing desi ghi'o with refined oils has been probably one of the biggest slip-ups of modern cooking which has made way for numerous health issues.

Why should we shelf up with home-made ghi'o (#ghee) again?

  • Ghi'o does not spoil easily and has long shelf life, therefore does not need any refrigeration.

  • Like olive oil and coconut oil, ghi'o also contains healthy fats that help burn fat and lose weight.

  • Ghi'o enhances tastes & adds flavour to food. It has a very high smoking point, it does not break down into free radicals which is the case with several other oils.

  • Prepared from butter made at home, home-made Ghi'o does not retain the solids of milk and its impurities. Therefore, even those people who are lactose intolerant can eat it without any allergic reactions.

  • Ghi'o has butyric oil, which is a kind of short chain fatty acid. In the intestine, there are good bacterias that are all the time engaged in converting fibre into butyric acid that is used by the body for overall energy, immunity and for supporting intestinal wall. Consuming ghi'o instantly gives the required butyric acid that supplements what is produced in the body. When you eat ghi'o, you are taking in the combined benefits of probiotics, prebiotics and fibre.

  • Ghi'o also contains important brain nutrients - choline and omega-3 fatty acids. A choline deficiency can result in poor concentration, poor memory, mood changes and other cognitive impairments. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, increase gray matter, slow the rate of aging, improve cognitive health, memory and overall mood and wellbeing.

Pre-book your home-made Ghi'o barni today.

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