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Desi Ghee vs Night Creams

What deserves to be by your bedside?

Sooner or later, at some junction we all do realise that some of the age-old practices, which didn't come with a logic to us, do have a deeper sense of underlying health purpose in them.

#Beauty Regime of Night Creams

How did you finally zeroed-in on your #nightcream? Tried a few brands, burnt a few grands however most of us are yet to figure out which one will give us that sunshine face glow in the morning. Isn't it ?

Bring back the basics

Make space for that home-made desi ghee on your side table. Struggling with

Simply rub home-made desi ghee on the soles of your feet before going to bed at night.


The #desighee sole maalish that you do at night before sleeping helps you not just in #Digestion, but also

Assimilation of #Nutrients

Reduces #Acidity

Resolves #sleepissues (helps you #sleep like a baby)

Better Sleep = Improved #skin tone, #mood & #fatloss

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